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Who is Pat Woods?

  • Professional Consultant, Speaker and Motivator
  • Married for 30 years, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 4
  • Entrepreneur in business over 30 years in a variety of projects
  • National Reach:  Monsanto World headquarters, J D. Street Petroleum Group, Sears Holdings, R.J. Reynolds, 3M and also Metro Transportation Services, St. Louis Public Schools
  • International Reach:  International Groups in Morocco, etc., Yanna Holdings, plus an array of  others

Consulting & Motivational Services

Pat Woods is an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in consulting fortune 500 companies by locating the needs for these institutions providing her expertise in locating Products, Personnel, and New Markets.  Her client list includes such companies as Monsanto World Headquarters, R.J. Reynolds, 3M and Washington University, St. louis.  Additionally, she has offered her services as a vendor for the presidential Debate for Kerry vs. Busch in 2004.  Her client list goes on to include Sears Holding, where she acquired an Exclusive Agreement for the country of Morocco, along with additional companies such as J.D. Street, Metro Transportation Authority, and Saint Louis Public School District.  Both her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit have allowed for the creation of several start-up companies.

Pat has provided Motivational / Transformational coaching to clients from a variety of platforms.  She is a high energy professional using great story telling techniques that bring the true essence of the message to the group.  Her focus groups include:

  1. Urban High School Students and Youth at risk groups, (If You can dream it, you can Achieve It!)
  2. Entrepreneurship (What’s Inside your Tool- Box?
  3. Business removing the barriers (Facing the image in the Mirror)
  4. Ex-Offenders (I am – Self Actualization) Who am I?

More about Pat Woods

Pat Woods holds a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections, a Bachelor’s in International Business and an Associate’s in General Studies.

Although Pat has lived in Mississippi for many years, she has also resided in New Jersey and New York City.  As of today, Pat resides in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Pat is a powerful storyteller that can connect with her audience helping them to reflect on their lives, fears, hopes and dreams.  She helps people embrace the desire for a transformation by recreating the mindset of oneself!

Pat is a professional who has been married for over 30 years.  She’s also a mother of 2, a grandmother of 4 and lives in St. Louis, Missouri.  She is an African American who has been in business serving both U.S. and International clients for well over 30 years covering a variety of projects.  She retired from the Auto industry and worked as an entrepreneur with a wide array of both domestic corporations and international groups, and she now brings this expertise to you.

About LaKeith Woods | Chief Associate

Lakeith was born in Mound Bayou, Mississippi in 1975, the only all African American City in the USA (aka) as Chocolate City, and has lived in St. Louis since the age of 18 months.  He attended local schools until at the age of 13.  He went on to attend St. Johns Military School in Salina, Kansas, and after finishing there, he returned home to St. Louis.  Unfortunately, after making a poor choice, he went to jail sentenced as “not guilty of the crime but by association,” as told to him  by the sentencing judge.  He shares his story so compellingly to warn youths of the dangers of making bad choices and the price it can cost over a life time.  His mission is to help young people understand that even in the darkest time he encourages them to look beyond their current situations and reach to better themselves.  His hope is to make them think about their behavior and make positive changes to stop the pipeline from high school to prison.

As a top associate of PWA, his dedication is to use his life’s lessons to help youths remove the negativity, replacing it with positivity, by making good choices for a better life.  He went on to attend Rankin Technical College seeking a degree in auto body repair, which he does when he’s not writing his next book in the Cornerstone Series collections.  His next book, Locks, is in the making and should be in stores soon.  LaKeith works alongside his mother Pat Woods on many of her endeavors, which also includes International trade in the Caribbean Islands.  His travels consist of International travels to promote his book covering the east coast areas, such as Boston, Washington, D.C., New York city, Miami, Mexico, The Grand Bahamas, The Cayman Islands, Jamaica and many other places.  He currently owns Woods Publications, where he assists other young artists in their quest for embracing the arts.

LaKeith has done book signings at Barnes and Noble, and his book is currently selling in bookstores in London, in the UK and in Canada.  He has also spoken in public forums at George Town University.  He has worked from a young age with his mother, side by side, with his latest venture at Fresno’s diner as a chef.

Now together, they come to you as a team to encourage and assist in helping your group change their lives using motivational speaking as a platform.  This team comes to the stage explaining in real terms the obstacles that are faced to become a success, providing the much needed information that’s not usually in the text books of most major universities, from real life examples, using story telling methods to bring their message home.


  • Master’s of Science Degree In Criminal Justice in Corrections from Columbia College 2019
  • Bachelor’s in General Studies with a minor in International Business from Columbia College
  • Fresno’s Diner Founded and Established (View Opening)
  • News Article:  Woman Built Dream Into Firm – St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO) – VIEW
  • Press Release: Woman Built Dream – Helps Others Build Theirs – VIEW
  • Press Release: Order Up! North Grand Restaurant Fresno’s Diner Wants To Be ‘Beacon Of Hope’ In Community – VIEW
  • Press Release: Diner owner wants to be the change in her St. Louis neighborhood – VIEW

Fresno’s Diner Presents the Triple Chat Burger Challenge!

LaKeith and Pat love to reward those who can rise to the challenge!  With amazing tastes, they have presented the Triple Chat Burger Challenge to allow patrons to be rewarded after having a lovely social experience while chatting over a great meal.  Depending on finishing the meal in a particular time limit, patrons can join the Wall of Fame and even receive other prizes!

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